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Hello everyone.  My name is David (or Dave, I am fine with either) Roberts and I am very excited to be the ASHRAE Tucson Chapter President for 2022/23.


As this is a new year we are going to try something different and move our lunch and technical presentations to Culinary Dropout on Grant Rd.  I am excited about it because, have you had their soft pretzels and fondue?  Delicious!

We have some great technical presentations and speakers lined up for you this year, as well as our usual activities like the golf tournament and trap shoot.  We will have some new activities as well, which will be announced as the year progresses.  Think things that anyone can enjoy without previous experience.

I especially want to thank all the great volunteers that make up our Chapter Board of Governors and Chapter Committees.  Buzz Wright, Robert Kunkel, Sam Rauch, Ryan Harbuck, Bill Damon, Blake Willmes, Eric Buchholz, Jason Foundas, Tom McGreal, and our two new members for this year, Ruby O’Brien Metzger and Rachel Martinez.  You all are amazing.

We will hopefully see each other soon.

Thank you,

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