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What is the purpose of the Chapter Technology and Communications Transfer Chair (CTTC):

  • Provide relevant programs 

  • Coordinate distribution of technical and industry –related information

  • Promote CTTC and refrigeration awards

  • Coordinate input to the Society from Chapters on standards, publications, handbooks, and position papers. 

  • Efficient and effective transfer of current and relevant information throughout the HVAC&R industry to and from the Chapters


ASHRAE has Distinguished Lectures that are wanting to come and present to our Chapter! Please see the link below and reach out to your CTTC to book a speaker for one of our chapter meetings:
Past Presentations Available for Free Download

- Topic:  "The Power of EQ"  Bridging the Gap Between Technical Brilliance and Human Connections 








ASHRAE wants to give you awards for your designs! Please see the link below for past winners and how to apply. Feel free to reach out to your CTTC for any questions and assistance (they are glad to help!)

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