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Pursuing and celebrating diverse and inclusive communities to fuel better, more creative, and more thoughtful ideas,..

Government Affairs (GAC)

Provide information to Chapter Members regarding government activities: keep local governments updated on technical issues...


Interview presidential and long-time members; take photos of Chapter functions; prepare display for CRC...

Membership Promotion

Attract new members; encourage member grade advancement; recommend nominations for honors and awards,..

Research Promotion

Communicate the objectives, benefits, and accomplishments of ASHRAE research; coordinate efforts to obtain Full Circle,..

Student Activities

Act as liaison with educational institutions; award scholarships; assist Student Branches; reach out to K-12 students,..

Technology Transfer

Disseminate technical information for the Chapter; facilitate Distinguished Lecturer program, administer technology awards,..

Young Engineers (YEA)

Organize activities focused at attracting and retaining young engineers: work with SA committee to encourage student transfers,..

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