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Tucson Chapter Presidential Exit Interview

Ryan Harbuck, Chapter President 2023-24

This interview was conducted between Tucson Chapter Historian, Eric Buchholz and 23-24 Chapter President, Ryan Harbuck.

Eric - Did running the Tucson chapter leave a lasting impression on you? 

Ryan - Yes, it allowed me to work on individual chairs and build new friendships.

Eric - What was the best thing you accomplished?

Ryan - This year, my greatest achievement was the expansion of our Board of Governors. This allowed us to introduce a major event and additional fundraising for the chapter.

Eric - What was the best thing you are passing on to the next president?

Ryan - Don't hesitate to plan events and delegate tasks to others.

Eric - What will you miss about being president?

Ryan - Helping chairs plan events. 

Eric - Do you think you made an impact and what was the impact – what was your legacy? 

Ryan - I think I've brought a fun element to this year's chapter through the variety of events. My only goal was to add put the fun back in to ASHRAE.

Eric - What could we do better in the next year - is there anything the Tucson chapter needs to do to improve?

Ryan - I firmly believe that our chapter could increase its involvement with K-12 education. 

Eric - Will you stay active in ASHRAE for your professional career?

Ryan - Yes

Eric - Do you have plans to advance further in ASHRAE, perhaps to Regional or further? 

Ryan - I have expressed interest to other regional representatives that I would like to become involved at the regional level.


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