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This year, our Region X DRC (our own Buzz Wright) has been traveling to each Chapter and reporting on his travels. Recently, he visited Tucson and posted the report below.

Man am I proud of my hometown. Both my wife and I are born & raised Tucsonans, and while we both love to travel -- Tucson will forever be our home. Ours is a smaller Chapter at only 98 members, but quality over quantity is something that comes to mind every time I attend an ASHRAE Tucson meeting. Today I "visited" the Tucson Chapter for my first time serving as DRC and it was really great seeing all those familiar faces and feeling the excitement of a new Society Year starting out under the leadership of Ryan Harbuck. The Chapter has a bunch of amazing volunteers: Ahmed Abdelaal, Thomas Brown, Eric Buchholz, Bill Damon, Jeremy Ettesvold, Vanessa Friedman, Andrew Hunter, Robert Kunkel, Rachel Martinez, Jack Metteer, Ruby O'Brien-Metzger, David Roberts, and Blake Willmes

I'm looking forward to participating in all the events/activities the Tucson Chapter has coming up this year, and encourage you to come join us if you can. From football tailgating to ice hockey to golf tournaments to a brewery tour and on and on... I'm certain we will be having a great time together.

There's a reason the Tucson Chapter received the distinction of "Chapter of the Year" in Region X last year. And this year is looking to be even better! It's an honor to get to tag along with my good friends here in the Old Pueblo.

___________________________ Buzz Wright, Region X DRC


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