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# Name Company Grade
2970 William Acorn Acorn Consulting Services Fellow Member
8131327 Sondra Adams   Member
4266 Stanley Adams Adams & Associates Life Member
5173913 Randy Altergott Tucson Electric Power Associate
8085160 Mark Alvarez TME Inc Associate
8207386 Peter Andrisevic   Student
1003449 Vernon Baker City Of Tucson Member
8164726 Raymond Barnes University of Arizona Associate
8049290 Gary Bartlett Thermal Engineering of Arizona Associate
2038082 William Blackert Johnson Controls, Inc Member
8196576 Bart Blue Midstate Mechanical Inc Associate
8060522 Walter Boughan M3 Engineering & Technology Corp Associate
91422 Carlton Brown Air Concepts Inc Life Member
8172344 David Brown Mechanical Systems Inc. Associate
8173093 Thomas Brown KC Mechanical Associate
8199056 Eric Buchholz   Member
2050121 Werner Buck VMVL Consulting Member
100953 Robert Burdick BRET Fellow Life Member
7973231 David Butler Optimal Building Systems Associate
5123102 Thomas Campbell Us Army Garrison Ft Huachuca Member
8114852 Robert Carranza Southern Arizona VA Health Care System Member
2040456 Kenneth Cawthorne KC Mechanical Engineer Associate
136431 O Clayton Clayton Engineering & Consulting Life Member
8126179 Micah Davenport KC Mechanical Eng Associate
8208784 Daniel Diaz Jr USAF Associate
184194 John Dimond   Life Member
8189174 Derek Downey TME Inc. Associate
197532 Samuel Dukes Palmer Engineers Inc Life Member
2008201 Rocco Fazzolari Univ Of Arizona Retired Member
8217267 Russell Feery Engineering Economics, Inc. Member
5201013 Mark Fraser M3 Engineering Member
246159 Fredric Funk   Life Member
8112177 Andrea Gains-Germain   Associate
8173080 Charles Galbraith The Home Depot Associate
8084242 Brian Gardner Advanced Controls Corporation Associate
8155661 Christopher Garrard   Associate
8224280 Emilio Gonzalez Johnston Engineering Company Affiliate
284094 Jonathan Guenther   Life Member
8097273 Mladen Habensus   Associate
2032847 William Hansen Western Water Technologies Inc Associate
5199084 Eric Hein Ph Mechanical Engnr Associate
8136818 Michael Hoffman Canyon State Facility Solutions Associate
8107837 James Hughes GLHN Architects and Engineers Member
8090067 Allen Hutchinson M3 Engineering & Technology Associate
5190041 Forrest Isaacs Adp Marshall Member
363555 Bruce Johnson U S Army Life Member
5021601 Henry Johnstone GLHN Architects & Engineers, Inc Associate
8062932 Allen Kent Systems Commissionig & Testing Associate
401193 Frederick Kohloss Fred Kohloss Consulting Engineer Presidential Fellow Life Member
8102066 William Koller   Associate
2005401 Robert Kruse Raytheon Member
8066854 Robert Kunkel KC Mechanical Engineering, L.L.C Member
413478 James LaDuc Mechanical Systems Inc Life Member
8140841 Quinton Lamoreaux   Associate
8002486 Dale Lang AW Farrel Member
5015735 Steven Langstroth US Army Garrison Associate
7977598 Carol Larson GLHN Architects & Engineers Member
2038600 James Laughlin Usag Fort Huachuca Atzs Ehb Associate
5041588 Lang Lawrence Raytheon Company-Misslile Systems Member
8110446 Danny Levitt RE Lee Mechanical Contracting Inc Associate
8102438 Victor Lundgren   Associate
8149692 Philip Maynard Maynard Consulting Engineers Member
8172104 Thomas McGreal   Member
8190429 Thomas McIver J&B Sales Co Member
487512 Milton McLeod California Hydronics Life Member
8013962 Clement Mikulich Adams & Associates Eng PLLC Member
2039129 Daniel Miller Raytheon Associate
8079956 Kurt Miller Air Cold Supply Member
8200657 Richard Mills   Associate
523341 Donald Mummert   Life Member
8121720 Wayne Nichols M3 Engineering and Technology Associate
5137463 David Nicholson   Associate
540540 Ronald Niswander R E Lee Mech Contr Inc Life Member
5159250 Patrick O'Brien Glhn Arch & Engr Member
548235 John O'Hair John O'Hair & Associates Life Member
5179910 Patrick Oleary ole engineering llc Associate
8207066 Alan Olsen   Associate
8053901 Benedict Olson Heery Int'l Inc Member
5141226 Paiman Owtad Advantech Facility Design Member
2010039 James Palmer Palmer Engineers Inc Associate
8165053 David Palty Trane Member
8068480 Evan Patterson M3 Engineering Associate
575667 Thomas Perry T A Perry Associates Inc Life Member
2026606 Stephen Rauner IntelliChoice Energy Associate
8125209 Daniel Reich Current Energy Controls Member
609552 Walter Reichen Rincon A/C & Heating Co Life Member
8193851 Vanessa Richter Conservation Services Group Member
8222146 Ashley Roberts TME Corp Associate
623376 Ken Robinson R M H Life Member
8063035 Ronald Russell M3 Engineering Member
2039154 Mehrad Sadrisabet Professional Engineering Technology Associate
5022471 Namir Saman Aps Energy Services Member
8136487 Reba Schaber   Member
656505 Todd Scholer Comfort Systems Southwest Member
8090887 David Schow   Member
2044210 Philip Sjoquist South West Water Solutions Associate
5127305 Thomas Spears TME Inc Consulting Engineers Inc Member
8087142 Rebecca Tarantino Sigler Inc Associate
2035855 Larry Toddy Tucson Unified School District 1 Member
8209126 John Turner AirConcepts Associate
8013964 David Tyrrell Adams & Associates Inc Member
8157596 Charlie Velasquez Southwest Gas Corp Associate
774319 Rangval Walker   Life Member
8171990 Davin Wang GLHN Architects & Engineers, Inc Associate
8162740 Kai Wang University of illinois at Urbana-Champaign Student
8180491 James Weston University of Arizona Student
8161247 Kenneth Weyker KC Mechanical Engineering Associate
8209793 Brian Wheelwright   Student
2001294 Richard Whitaker   Life Member
797950 Robert Wilczynski Select Energy Services Inc Retired Member
8209786 Steven Williams Climatec Inc Member
815184 Hubert Wray H Lynn Wray P E Life Member
7975066 Buzz Wright Kelly, Wright & Associates, PC Member
8073522 Jerry Yudelson Yudelson Associates Member
835999 Roy Zeagler   Life Member
8126574 Jon Ziegler   Associate
8182916 Jon Ziegler II GLHN Architects & Engineers, Inc. Associate
8196862 Scott Zimmerman   Associate
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