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ASHRAE Certifications

Employers and Employees: are you interested in learning more about the Value of ASHRAE Certification?

Value for Employees

Job Satisfaction

Employees who earn an ASHRAE certification largely experience greater job satisfaction, agreeing (81%) that “holding an ASHRAE Certification gives me greater job satisfaction,” and (72%) that “in my field, ASHRAE Certification has provided me with greater recognition.”

Career Opportunities

In terms of greater career opportunities, employees report (69%) that “since earning my ASHRAE Certification, my credibility in the eyes of my colleagues and supervisor has increased” and (60%) that “my ASHRAE certification has helped improve my career opportunities.”

Compensation & Promotion

Does earning an ASHRAE certification help professionals receive a raise or earn a promotion? Employees report (43%) that their “earning power has increased” and nearly one quarter report (24%) that they “earned a raise or a promotion as a result of earning an ASHRAE Certification.”

Value for Employers


Employees themselves report (81%) that “holding an ASHRAE Certification gives me greater job satisfaction.”

Identify Talent

Employers overwhelmingly agree (90%) that “ASHRAE Certification is evidence of the level of competence attained by a new hire prospect” and (85%) that they have “greater confidence in the knowledge and skills of ASHRAE-certified job applicants, than uncertified job applicants.”

Improved Business Outcomes

Employers report (52%) that “if the project team includes an ASHRAE-certified professional, then the project is more likely (52%) to be completed on time and under budget and fulfill stakeholder requirements for quality.” Employees agree (54%) that “my ASHRAE Certification has led to additional business opportunities for my company.”


The benefits of ASHRAE Certification accrue to both the employee and the employer. These survey findings suggest that setting ASHRAE Certification as a professional development goal for current employees can benefit the employer in a number of significant ways:

  • Increased employee job satisfaction and ultimately employee retention

  • Better identification and recognition of competent, skilled employees

  • Enhanced project execution and resulting client satisfaction

  • Additional business opportunities

These survey findings also position uncertified employees to request that their employer set ASHRAE Certification as a professional development goal.

Survey respondent agreed (96%) that they are “proud to hold my ASHRAE Certification.”

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