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Would you like to see your business card in our newsletter?

When you donate $150 to the ASHRAE Tucson Chapter, an image of your business card will be added to the bottom of our monthly newsletter.  Contracts will expire on June 30th every year regardless of the donation date.  Business cards will appear within 1-3 business days of receipt of payment and business card.  You can pay by check in the mail or online using PayPal (fees apply).


Send your business card to the address listed below, or scan it yourself and email us the file.

Pay by Mail

Send your business card and a check made out to "ASHRAE Tucson Chapter" for the amount of $150.00 to:

ASHRAE Tucson Chapter

KC Mechanical

ATTN: Robert Kunkel

5447 E. 5th St. #112

Tucson, AZ 85711

Pay Online

Newsletter Sponsorship
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