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Past President Interview from 1986


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On Tuesday, February 4, 1986, four former presidents of Tucson Chapter of ASHRAE, have met to recall some highlights in the history of the Tucson Chapter. Present: Coates, Don Shipley and Tommy Thomson. We have information from Jim Blackmore and Dick Palmer and so the next president in line was Don Shipley and we will now hear from him.


I, Don Shipley, was the third year president of the Tucson Chapter of ASHRAE for the year 1961, 1962. Serving with me in the chapter officers were Vice President, John Paul Jones, II; Secretary, Albert E. Earl Hamilton; Treasurer, Bernard M. Ben Dehlinger; Board Member, Stuart R. Palmer; Board Member, Fred Blackmore; and Board Member, David Heskin.


During my regime our regional meeting as I recall was held in Phoenix, Arizona at the old Adams Hotel in downtown Phoenix. I vaguely remember some young gal running up and down the corri dors of the hotel in a bikini being severely chased by Tom Babington, a local representative and manufacturers' rep from the Phoenix area at that time.


Subsequently in later years a lot of the members were able to go to regional meetings in Vancouver and San Francisco and Spokane and San Diego and some of the more pleasurable places in the world. I really felt that I was somewhat robbed in being only able to go to Phoenix. That's about all I can think of.


I was the fourth president and I took the gavel from Mr. Don Shipley and the officers that year were Vice President, Leon Dombrosky; Secretary, Doug Miller; Treasurer, David Stirrup; Board Member, Don Shipley; Board Member, K. C. Jones; and Board Member, Tommy Thomson.


Tommy and I attended the regional convention in San Diego and there we met Bill Holliday to finalize our final chapter bylaws and at that time we had a discussion with them and they were final ized and finally were sent to our chapter As I recall, one of the things that was proposed by the board and the officers was that in the following years the officers should be selected from independent people, which meant university professors, independent people, such as Hughes Aircraft, mechanical engineers and contractors. That system seemed to work quite well because everybody got involved and therefore it made for a better organization.


Tommy Thomson was elected president following my tenure and he presented me with a past-president's pin and plaque of appre ciation. In the past-president's pin there is a diamond in the center of the past-president's pin. I turned the gavel over to Tommy Thomson and he became president the following year's session.


I recall one of the highlights of the San Diego regional meeting in which Ben Dehlinger was president. We were all gathered over there in San Diego, that was myself, Don Shipley and president Ben Dehlinger and Tommy Thomson and John Hays, all from Tucson, and Jack Cosgrove from Phoenix and we decided in addition to helping Professor Tommy Thomson grade his papers it would be a good idea to take a side trip down to Tijuana and study the local Hili at the Palacio De Frantone so while on this trip we had many inter esting sidelights such as walking down the main street of 'Tiajuana in a group and some girls walking by and saying, "My goodness, there goes a professor and pointing directly at Ben Dehlinger, who at that time was with Krueger Manufacturing Company.


This is Tommy Thomson. I was the fifth president of the Tucson Chapter, following Ben Dehlinger. Vice-President in my regime was Harry B. Ben Glover, also known as Bandito; John W. Hayes, Secretary; Tommy Walker, Treasurer; Bernard M. Ben Dehlinger, Board Member; Leonard A. Len Nalley, Board Member: and Glenn P. Carol, Board Member.


I believe the highlight of my tour of the presidency was that we were going to have a dinner, our annual dinner, at the Golden Goose and the man that owned the Golden Goose wanted a complete check for the complete dinner before he would agree to have it. Bob Spencer was the one working on that but before, I was an old tightwad and would not agree to that, and before we completed negotiations at the Golden Goose, it went bankrupt and we would have lost all of ASHRAE's money for the annual dinner. The annual dinner was held at the Desert Inn and it was quite a thing now to remember that for the entertainment at the Desert Inn I employed a young 17-year-old girl by the name of Linda Ronstadt who with two of her people put on the show and I think she charged $75.00 for that night. I wonder if she still remembers that. The last in my regime was at the annual regional convention held in Sacramento and Ben Dehlinger was there, Don Shipley was there, John Hayes was there, Ken Davies was there. I can remember that was the year that the Tucson Chapter won the man mile award at the main luncheon. I received the man mile award from the regional president and then he asked for all of the ASHRAE members from Tucson to stand up. I looked around and I was all alone standing up. The rest of the good members of the Tucson Chapter had gone to visit a winery. After the regional convention we went to San Francisco and enjoyed the antics of Carol Doda and some of the other things at North Beach.


This is Frank Coates and I was the ninth president of ASHRAE. During that term, the Vice-President was Ken Davies; Secretary, Bob Dietrich; Treasurer, Roy Brady; the Board Members were Sam Duke, Bob Goodrich and Fred Funk. I received the gavel from Fred Funk and he was president during the regional convention which was held in Tucson. Anything in my regime was downhill from the feelings that were generated by the Tucson group for what was billed as the greatest regional conference ever held.


In conference, Bob Boles and I spent one complete evening and I do mean complete evening discussing the problems of the world and how they should be solved. I think that just about takes care of my year because it was anticlimactic compared to what Fred Funk had gone through. I turned the gavel over to Bob Dietrich as Ken Davies had had so much of us he decided to stay out and I believe that's about all for now.

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