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Attention Past Presidents!

If you would like to contribute to our Chapter History with a interview please contact us.

Any materials and/or information would be greatly appreciated.

Past President Interview from 1984

This is a meeting of a group of ASHRAE people put together to try to give us a history of the Tucson Chapter proceedings from its inception up to the present time. This is the date of November 20, 1984. Present at this discussion are Ben Dehlinger (?), Jim Blackmore, Dick Palmer, and Tommy Thomson. Our first one to talk about this history will be Jim Blackmore. If you would tell us something about what went on in the beginnings.

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Past President Interview from 1986

On Tuesday, February 4, 1986, four former presidents of Tucson Chapter of ASHRAE, have met to recall some highlights in the history of the Tucson Chapter. Present: Coates, Don Shipley and Tommy Thomson. We have information from Jim Blackmore and Dick Palmer and so the next president in line was Don Shipley and we will now hear from him.

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