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by Diane Pratt, Historian


The time is early or mid 1958. The setting was amidst the merger of the American Society of Heating and Ventilating Engineers and the Society of Refrigeration Engineers. The players were James Blackmore, Dick Palmer, Jack Ball, Glen Allen, Fred Blackmore, and others (anyone know who?).


The idea for having a Tucson Chapter of ASHRAE began with a visit to Tucson from John James, the National ASHRAE President at the time. Mr. James was on his way to El Paso to get a Chapter started there. John James worked for McDonald Miller and he stopped in Tucson to visit the local McDonald Miller representative, James Blackmore. Together John and James went to El Paso to set them up and began to discuss the possibilities for Tucson. Phoenix had a Chapter and James Blackmore was a Charter member. He thought he could get Jim Koplan, the present Phoenix Chapter President, to give Tucson a hand in getting started.


Shortly, thereafter, there was a luncheon arranged to discuss the possibilities. Five to six people showed up, James Blackmore, Dick Palmer, Jack Ball and Glen Allen were among the few present at the luncheon. it was decided that each of the group would call six or so themselves and get together a larger group to determine local interest in a Chapter. Dr. Sutton, from the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University, offered a classroom for the meeting. Thirty to forty people showed up! The Phoenix Chapter President was there to tell about the benefits of having a chapter and suggested the first thing they ought to do is collect some money. Everyone threw in a dollar. Jim Blackmore was elected president and possibly Jack Ball as Vice President. Dick Palmer was handed the money collected so he was Treasurer. Dick remembers that they collected about thirty dollars and the last of it was spend the day the Tucson Chapter was chartered.


Tucson Chapter Historical Note: George Blackmore, father of James Blackmore was a Charter member of ASVE. The charter members only numbered about 75. Fred (son of James) remembers his grandfather's original charter to be dated 1895.


Comment from Diane: This article was put together from historical notes gathered sometime in the mid 1980's.

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