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WANTED / ASHRAE Tucson Chapter GGAC Opening

Grassroots Government Advocacy Committee Chair & Members


GGAC Committee Chair and Members for ASHRAE Tucson Chapter (2016-2017 Calendar Year)


ASHRAE’s members are inspiringly active, educating local government officials on the Society’s positions, technical knowledge, research, products, and services.


This is a key period for ASHRAE, it is vital that a network of active engineer-advocates exists worldwide to impress upon decision-makers how their choices will impact society – and HVAC&R professionals specifically – and create a sustainable built environment.


This is an advocacy only position and you will NOT be asked to lobby.



If interested contact your favorite ASHRAE Tucson Chapter leader (or GGAC Tab on Chapter website), get involved in your local ASHRAE Chapter and make a difference in your local community.

Grassroots Government Activities Committee (GGAC) exists to support cooperation with like-minded organizations and to work with community policymakers to promote ASHRAE members’ technical expertise – as well as the use of ASHRAE standards – and to advance ASHRAE’s public policy aims.

GGAC March Update

ASHRAE Grassroots Government Activities Committee (GGAC) Update

David Palty, GGAC Chairman, ASHRAE Tucson Chapter


Three ASHRAE Engineers Week Proclamations:

Arizona Senate (read on Senate Floor 2/25/16)

·         Representing ASHRAE and introduced by Senator McGuire:

o   Dave Palty

o   Rebecca Tarantino Callimanis

o   Kaylin Smith, Sophomore at Mountain Pointe HS

·         To View the Video Reading of the Proclamation:  starting: 4:04 – 7:52



City of Yuma

Town of Oro Valley


HB 2130 Update:

Passed House

Passed Senate Water & Energy Committee 2/22/16

Senate 1st and 2nd Reading


Pro-Benchmarking is Pro-Business—And Here's Why

I think that SWEEP’s recent blog summarizes some of the items for your review.



I noticed the following in SWEEP’s February 2016 Newsletter and thought others might be interested as well including Webinar 16.


Free Wednesday Webinar Series on Energy Codes

Every Wednesday from March through July, the Colorado Energy Office and Xcel Energy are hosting free webinars on energy code topics. The experts at Colorado Code Consulting are presenting on subjects such as IECC paths of compliance, building science, HERS ratings, IECC from the designer perspective, IECC for multifamily construction, blower door and duct leakage testing in the code, daylighting and controls, the top 10 approach to inspections, and more. See the flyer and registration links at


IECC - Wednesday Webinar Series

Every Wednesday from 12:00pm - 1:00pm MST, March 9 - August 24, 2016

Sponsored by Colorado Energy Office and Xcel Energy


Webinar 01:  March 9, 2016:  Mysteries behind the IECC

Webinar 02:  March 16, 2016:  IECC – Paths to Compliance

Webinar 03:  March 23, 2016:  Intro to Building Science

Webinar 04:  March 30, 2016:  IECC – The Designer’s Perspective

Webinar 05:  April 6, 2016:  Blower Door and Duct Leakage Testing

Webinar 06:  April 13, 2016:  HERS Index and Code Compliance

Webinar 07:  April 20, 2016:  Lighting, Lighting Controls, and the IECC

Webinar 08:  April 27, 2016:  REScheck Basics

Webinar 09:  May 4, 2016:  COMcheck Basics

Webinar 10:  May 11, 2016:  Lowering HERS Index Scores

Webinar 11:  May 18, 2016:  IECC C406 – Additional Efficiency Package Options – Section C406

Webinar 12:  May 25, 2016:  The Energy Code for Energy Raters

Webinar 13:  June 1, 2016:  IECC for Multi-Family Construction

Webinar 14:  June 8, 2016:  Energy Code- The Top 10 Approach to Efficiency

Webinar 15:  June 15, 2016:  What’s coming in the 2018 IECC?:  The 2018 Energy Code

Webinar 16:  June 22, 2016:  IECC Commercial Mechanical Basics

Webinar 17:  June 29, 2016:  Understanding Xcel Energy Programs

Webinar 18:  July 6, 2016:  Commercial Lighting and Daylighting 

Webinar 19:  July 13, 2016:  IECC for Schools

Webinar 20:  July 20, 2016:  IECC and Existing Buildings

Webinar 21:  July 27, 2016:  TBD

Webinar 22:  August 3, 2016:  TBD

Webinar 23:  August 10, 2016:  TBD

Webinar 24:  August 17, 2016:  TBD

Webinar 25:  August 24, 2016:  TBD

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